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                                  How about Malacca ecological board? How much is the price

                                  發表日期:2020-11-11 16:33:56 瀏覽次數:1

                                  Malacca ecological board is made of Malacca core materials imported from Indonesia. The products are light, durable, firm, non deformation, paint free, scratch resistant and so on, which are sought after by the market.

                                  The surface paper used in the production of Malacca ecological board includes ink paper and color paste paper. Ink paper has bright color, high content of triamine, and is not easy to fade. The price is also expensive, although the color paste paper has a price advantage, but the performance of many poor. Eco board substrate has domestic core and imported core, each combination of paper and substrate will affect the cost of products. The better the process is, the better the products will be produced by the factory, but the cost will be lower. If the integration and process innovation can be made, and the manufacturers with higher channel optimization level can finally buy products with high cost performance.

                                  The characteristics of Malacca ecological board are as follows

                                  1. The utilization rate of Malacca ecological board is high

                                  2. The utilization rate of Malacca ecological board is high

                                  3. Malacca ecological board has good performance

                                  4. The processing performance of Malacca ecological board is good

                                  5. Malacca ecological board has the functions of anti-corrosion and flame retardant.

                                  6. Malacca is ecological and beautiful.