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                                    Multilayer board

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                                      Multilayer board product use

                                      Hongguang board adopts high-quality materials, advanced equipment, and precision manufacturing. The environmental protection level strictly follows the national indicators, and the physical properties are better than the existing market boards.

                                      Suitable for decoration of various cabinets and other furniture, can also be used for handicrafts, etc.

                                      product features

                                      Multilayer board product introduction

                                      Hongguang board, selected sandwich core, full board and connected core technologyUse large glue machine for seamless splicing, no hollow, no overlap, clear layers, uniform thickness and stronger stability.

                                      Health and environmental protection

                                      Hongguang board adopts E0, E1 grade environmental protection glue and strictly follows national indicators.

                                      Advanced equipment, precision hot pressing technology and standard thickness forming ensure the flatness and uniformity of the plate.


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